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Climate Resilience Insights


Climate Resilience

Natural Forest Standard & Resilience Constellation

July 12, 2022
Natural Forest Standard Resilience Constellation is pleased to announce an agreement with Ecosystem Certification Organisation (ECO)…
Climate Resilience

Forest Permanence and Carbon Storage: a question of time and money

July 8, 2022
Forest Permanence and Voluntary Carbon Markets The wide range of prices found within the voluntary…
Climate Resilience

Forest Permanence – let’s replace pessimism with evidence

July 1, 2022
Forest Permanence, a climate resilience priority The removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through…
Climate Resilience

Three Starting Principles for Climate Resilience Finance

June 24, 2022
The Climate Finance Imperative While global financial institutions are barely getting to grips with financing…
Climate Resilience

What is Climate Resilience?

June 17, 2022
Climate Resilience, a definition: At Resilience Constellation we define climate resilience as the ability of…
Satellite Data

OptiView: Cloud-Free Views of Cloudy Landscapes

August 23, 2021
David T. Milodowski, University of Edinburgh and National Centre for Earth Observation Obtaining cloud-free satellite…