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Resilience Constellation aims to inform climate adaptation in three key sectors through structured data, finance and skills.

Agriculture and Forests

Coastal & Freshwater

Urban & Infrastructure


Equip changemakers to make the next great decision

Global adaptation costs and corresponding investments in resilience measures are expected to rise from $0.2 to $0.3 Trillion per year in the 2020’s to $0.4 to $0.6 Trillion in the 2030’s. 

Resilience can only be achieved through effective allocation of capital, coordination between public and private sectors and good operational decisions – all requiring good information, based on sound data. 

Resilience Constellation invests in and develops data and information products to inform decision making by governments, financial institutions, businesses and civil society.


The greatest expertise from around the world

Resilience Constellation partners with world-leaders, connecting data and knowledge capabilities across national boundaries.

  • Research institutions such as The University of Edinburgh work with Resilience Constellation, providing pioneering space and geospatial information sector data and research.
  • Commercial partnerships with renowned institutions such as Ecometrica ensure Resilience Constellation products are of the highest standard.
  • A network of other global partnerships connect Resilience Constellation to the pulse of real-time market data.

Collaborating for change

Public and private commerce are united in the need for readily usable, affordable resilience tools which utilize the growing wealth of earth observation data to provide effective insights.

Resilience customers encompass a wide range of use cases, such as:

  • Governments monitoring national crop compliance initiatives
  • Global corporations measuring risk and system outlook of relevant areas
  • Large-scale financial institutions assessing existing and potential investments across a world-wide platform.