OptiView Imagery

Cloud-free mosaics for specific timeframes and regions, optimised for the production of high quality thematic products.

The Resilience Constellation OptiView products have been developed by the Space and Satellites Innovation Programme Team at The University of Edinburgh, as part of the Data Slipstream development, with the support of the School of Geosciences and EPCC, hosted on the Edinburgh International Data Facility.

Available as File Transfer or as Map Viewer.

File Transfer is suitable for people looking to undertake further high precision postprocessing or analysis of the imagery. It requires a Geographic Information System, as well as a reasonable knowledge of remote sensing.

File Transfer will be available via data download. A link to Amazon S3 Storage will be provided for file download.

Map Viewer is suitable for immediate browsing and exploration of the imagery. Basic experience is sufficient to utilize primary functionalities as no specific software is required to explore. It is an online interface which permits users with an internet connection to access and explore the data.

The Map Viewer for your region will include a free land classification layer and geographic boundaries in addition to your Clearview products. The platform will come prebuilt with additional sources of data and administrative boundaries. Add-ons can be purchased to enable other users for internal use and the ability to upload additional geographic information as desired. The Resilience Constellation Map Viewer application is provided by Ecometrica.

Please note that selecting the Map Viewer option will enable access to the imagery within the Map Viewer only; the data will not be made available to download. Access to the viewer will be made available for one year, with the option of signing up to a subscription service with updated imagery.